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Toledo, OH – Unison Behavioral Health Group, the community’s recognized leader in the care of individuals who face mental health and substance abuse disorders, has announced their name has changed to Unison Health.

“Changing the name to Unison Health from Unison Behavioral Health Group represents how the organization is looking forward in the continuing delivery of community-based health services,” explains Jeff De Lay, President/CEO of Unison Health. Unison Health has a nearly 40 year history of providing integrated health and substance abuse services to adults, children and adolescents. Moving forward, the agency will focus even more on the complementary and primary health needs of the community including a primary health clinic.

“As a community-based organization, our role is to support the needs of the community,” says Jeff. Unison Health will continually look for ways to enhance that level of support, that outstretched arm, by adding services and programs that bring new confidence and optimism to the residents of our community.

Unison Health is a not for profit integrated community health care organization. With three locations in Toledo, Unison is dedicated to providing quality services that are accessible and affordable. Unison Health accepts Ohio Medicaid and most private insurances. Any Lucas County resident, regardless of their ability to pay, can come directly to Unison for services. Please call 419-693- 0631 or visit www.unisonhealth.org to learn more.

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