Heroclix: Deadpool & X-Force Prerelease

Posted Feb 6th, 2017 by Kenneth Solo  Category: Other


At 2:00 pm on Sunday, February 26th, Checkmate Games and Hobbies will be holding a Heroclix pre release event for the newest set: Deadpool & X-Force! This is a special event in which players are given figures from the set which has yet to actually hit shelves! Each player who participates will receive the same amount of sealed product to build a team of heroes (or villains and henchmen) out of, and then you will get to face off in the event using that superbly built team. If you are new to the game, this is a great event to start you off with some new product and to learn more about the miniature figures and their unique combat dials. Event entry is $16 in order to cover the collectible figures you will receive to play with in the event, and once the event is over, they are yours forever!

For more details on the collectible figure game: Heroclix, please use the provided link:

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