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UT Offers Summer Music Workshops: Jazz, Flute, Voice, Choral Conducting
Options available for middle school through adults

The University of Toledo Department of Music will be hosting several annual summer music workshops for those passionate about music. Workshops are available in jazz, flute, voice, and choral conducting and teaching, with tracks available for multiple ages and skill levels. All the workshops below will be held in the UT Center for Performing Arts, 1910 W Rocket Drive (main campus). Free parking is available in Area 12 across the street from the building. Information about the workshops can be found on the UT Summer Music Workshops web page utoledo.edu/al/svpa/music/communitymusic/summer.html

Deadline to Register: June 1
The UT Summer Jazz Institute is the place where ALL levels of jazz students from beginning through professional, can discover and achieve their jazz potential through the study of jazz in one of four exceptional programs: instrumental jazz, vocal jazz, teacher training and jazz appreciation. The curriculum is designed to provide introductory, fundamental, intermediate and advanced jazz experiences for interested students from middle school through high school, undergraduate and graduate college students. There is also a pedagogy track for teachers desiring to refine and develop their teaching skills. A track for those who want to grow in their appreciation of Jazz is also available.

The institute provides a positive and fun learning environment through lectures, master classes, jam sessions, performances, and even a recording experience. Participants immerse themselves in improvisation, performance, arranging, and pedagogy with established professional jazz musician/educators. Tuition is $500 ($50 Application Fee, $450 Camp Fee). Register online at www.SummerJazz.utoledo.edu. Deadline to register is June 1, all fees due by June 9.

FLUTE CAMP—June 19-23
Deadline to Register: June 12
The UT Flute Camp is taught by musicians Joel Tse (principal flute for the Toledo Symphony and flute instructor for the University of Toledo) and Amy Heritage (TSO second flute and Suzuki flute instructor). Suitable for elementary age students through adults.

In addition, special guests will present workshops in instrument care, yoga and breathing, music and movement, and more! These extras are included in the track fees. A free, public concert performed by students concludes the workshop on Friday (4 p.m.).

There are 2 tracks to choose from:

Track 1 is for students who have been playing for 1-3 years. It runs 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and is taught by Amy Heritage. The cost for Track 1 is $150/week. Fees are due by the first day of the workshop.

Track 2 is for intermediate and advanced students and runs 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This track is taught by Joel Tse and Amy Heritage. Track 2 is $300/week. Fees are due by the first day of the workshop.

Can’t attend all week? Sign up by the day. The cost is $65/Day for any track if attending less than the full week. Scholarships are also available to help cover fees. Apply when you register.

To register or for more information, visit utoledo.edu/al/svpa/music/communitymusic/flutecamp.html

Deadline to Register: May 15 (Emerging Artist and High School Student Tracks)
Deadline to Register: June 7 (Seminars)
The Janus Vocal Arts Festival offers two seminars and two workshop tracks. The workshop tracks are an Emerging Artist track that studies and performs an opera, and the High School Student track which focuses on vocal technique and musical theatre. Both workshops include master classes, special guest topics, and performance opportunities.

July 5-14 Emerging Artist Track
The Emerging Artist track is an intense commitment and requires 10 FULL days and evenings of time and dedication. Participants will study and perform Mark Adamo’s opera “Little Women,” with a culminating performance on July 14. They will also get to sing on multiple art song recitals at public venues in the region. The track includes coaching in music and acting, as well as voice lessons and stage movement. Both professional development seminars are also included with this track. The opera study performance will be held in the UT Center for performing Arts Recital Hall. Admission for audience members is $5. Tuition for the workshop is $450. Deadline to register is May 15. Payment is due June 7.

July 10-14 High School Student Track – Musical Theatre
This weeklong workshop will focus on classical and musical theater training with a showcase at the end of the week. The workshop will include both solo and choral singing as well as choreography and activities such as yoga designed specifically for singers. Tuition for this track is $250. Deadline to register is May 15. Payment is due June 7.

July 7-8 Seminar: “Mind, Body, Voice: Taking the Mystery out of Breath and Breath Support”
Something every singer needs but can be very tricky to master – breath control! Singers will learn the most effective techniques from experts in Yoga voice, holistic vocal professionals and through lessons in vocal pedagogy. This seminar is included as part of the Emerging Artist track or can be taken separately for $300. This is a two-day seminar, however there is also a one day option for $120. Music teachers and choir directors can take this workshop (one-day or two-day) for CEU credit.

July 12-13 Seminar: “Music as a Business”
Includes resume review, mock audition feedback, and Music as a Business presented by Dr. Denise Ritter-Bernardini and guest presenters. ($300)

Cost savings are available for those planning to take both seminars. An Emerging Artist option is available that includes both seminars but opts out of the role study and art song recitals. Cost is $450, a savings of $250 over the two seminars purchased separately.

Registration and information available online at: utoledo.edu/al/svpa/music/communitymusic/janusvocalarts/

Deadline to Register July 1
This comprehensive and immersive choral conducting workshop is intended is designed to serve and educate individuals as conductor, teacher, leader, scholar, performer, and servant. Conductors will engage in sessions covering a wide variety of topics. This year’s workshop will allow conductors to choose from either a three-day immersion workshop, or a one day workshop. Teachers – this workshop will provide up to 18 contact hours of professional development. Please provide any required paperwork as needed.

There will be a limit of 15 spaces so that each conductor is allowed sufficient podium/conducting time. Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided in the morning.
The Three-Day Workshop is $300 if registered by July 1; $325 if registered after July 1. The One Day Workshop is $100 if registered by July 1; $125 if registered after July 1. All sessions are from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., with a break for lunch (not provided).

Registration and information available online at:

Workshop Contacts:
Summer Jazz Institute
Gunnar Mossblad

Flute Camp
Joel Tse

Janus Vocal Arts Workshops
Dr. Denise Ritter Bernardini

Choral Conducting & Teaching Workshop
Dr. Brad Pierson

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