Breaking up the Big Banks: Preventing another Wall St. bust

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Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio Presents

Keynote presenter: Stu Rosenblatt returns

Learn how to become a part of the systematic method of democratic involvement that has assisted in getting the House of Representatives’ Bill, the Prudent Banking Act of 2017 and the Senate’s Modern Day Glass Steagall Act.

Find out about the exciting past three months of progress toward a Glass Steagall Act from Angela Vullo, speaker and organizer from Washington DC.

Hear about a 4-point plan for energizing our entire economy on a scale not seen since the New Deal Roosevelt era.

When: Thurs. May 11th, 2017 6:30 pm- 8:15 pm.
Where: King Road Public Library, 3900 King Road, Sylvania, Ohio

Stewart Rosenblatt is a Cleveland native and is recruiting members of Congress to co-sponsor Rep Marcy Kaptur’s bill to restore the Glass Steagall Act and Sen. Warren’s bill. He has been instrumental in getting the Glass Steagall being placed on the Democratic Party Platform 2016. this summer. Mr. Rosenblatt has secured much of the labor support for the bill nationwide, and have also worked with organizations such as Public Citizen, and others to mobilize support for this. Stewart has worked extensively in getting resolutions of support for Glass Steagall, bank separation, introduced and some passed in over 40 state legislatures, including Ohio.He also has been directly involved in resolutions and draft legislation to create a $1-2 trillion infrastructure program to re-employ millions of Americans at well above $15/hour building the roads, bridges, high speed rail, power and other projects that we urgently need. He presently works with EIR, a non-partisan publishing and lobbying operation. 

Our Revolution in NW Ohio is a non-partisan, activist group that supports progressive issues and endorses candidates who align with progressive values.

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