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Becoming a new business owner, I have found it hard to find new clients. In the mean time of getting known, I decided to take on classes and workshops to gain knowledge of the field I am in.

My name is Jeanette, I graduated from Herzing University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design with concentration in print design. I have the passion of making art on the computer and crafting with my embroidery machine. I am getting my business started with screen printing and promotional products. My business name is Creative Apparel & More. The purpose of my business is to help organizations with fundraising through profits of selling decorative apparel or other decorative items. I am very passionate about helping out the community and others with whatever they have going on.

On June 10th and 11th, I went to Chicago to attend Complete Screen Printing Business Course. Hosted by Atlas Screen Supplies and taught by Terry Combs. This class was very informational and well worth the money. I learned so much and was proud to get my certificate at the end of the class.

My company Creative Apparel & More will benefit so much as I start going with all the knowledge I learned from Terry Combs.

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