Sara Jobin to Leave Resident Conductor Post at End of 2017-2018 Season

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TOLEDO, OH – After three years with the Toledo Symphony, Sara Jobin will leave her post as
Resident Conductor at the end of the 2017-2018 season.

“It has been such a privilege to work with the musicians of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra
regularly for these three years,” said Jobin. “Not only are they fantastic musicians, but they are
also fantastic people, and an amazingly supportive community of professionals. We’ve
performed all kinds of concerts together in the past few years—Christmas blitzes, movies by
click-track, 24-hour Bach festivals, and lots of kids concerts.”

Sara Jobin will also leave her post with the Toledo Opera. “The Opera has also been very good
to me, producing my first Vanessa and also calling on me on short notice to lead Romeo and
Juliette last year in addition to Madama Butterfly when I first arrived,” said Jobin. “I am
specifically grateful to Maestro James Meena for following my career for twenty years. He was
instrumental in creating the joint Symphony/Opera position which I moved to Toledo to fulfill. It
has been an honor to serve both organizations.”

Beginning July 1, Jobin will move to Richmond, Virginia and serve as Music Director for the
Inayati Order, an interfaith mystical fellowship. In June, Jobin will debut with the LA Opera and
the LA Philharmonic on its Green Umbrella New Music Series. She remains Chief Conductor of
the Center for Contemporary Opera in New York and looks forward to continuing work as a
freelancer, seeking to spend more time on musical projects that bring the world together.
“I look forward to a few more concerts with the Toledo Symphony in the next few months,
including Kathleen Battle, the world premiere of a trumpet concerto with Lauraine Carpenter,
and the Indigo Girls,” said Jobin.

Though Jobin will conclude her official roles with the Toledo Symphony and Toledo Opera at
the end of the current season, she will return to Toledo to conduct Handel’s Messiah on
December 2, 2018. The Toledo Symphony is working with Jobin to find other opportunities for
her to return to Toledo.

“I look forward to coming back to guest conduct next season,” said Jobin. “I will miss many
people here who I have met and grown to love. But I hope to keep in touch and will be back to

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