Toledo Police Museum Cops & Rodders Car & Bike Show

Posted May 8th, 2018 by Jeff Hauden  Category: Events


The Toledo Police Museum is sponsoring it’s 6th annual “Cops & Rodders Car & Bike Show on June 24th. The event is held at the Museum which is located in Ottawa Park on the Kenwood Blvd. side of the park. The hours of the event are 9am to 2pm.
We also have a rain date of July 1st. The Museum is open during the show for participants, spectators and their children.

The show features all types of cars including vintage police, antique, classic, muscle cars, sports and performance cars. We also welcome any type of motorcycle to the show.
Our show prides itself on some of the best door prizes available to participants to win. There is plenty of good food available also.

Registration forms are available at

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