Total Package Girl Leadership Summit

Posted May 29th, 2018 by Natalie Mois  Category: Events


Total Package Girl is a trademarked program dedicated to the personal, social, and interpersonal development of the pre-teen and teen girl. It is a research-based program written and developed to address timely issues facing girls in today’s world. The program is designed to provide girls with the tools they need to face life’s experiences and challenges with confidence and positive self-esteem.

Total Package Girl acknowledges that each girl is unique and that her talents and skills are to be celebrated. This program is dedicated to assisting girls in discovering their talents and capabilities, and to building their self-confidence. Ultimately, Total Package Girl provides intelligence and introduces girls to specific tools and skills they need to navigate the pre-teen and teen years. There will be an array of keynote speakers that represent the objectives of this book.

Total Package Girl focuses on building self-awareness and self-knowledge by exploring an individual’s talents and strengths, the book introduces positive and timely life habits, openly discusses challenges many girls face today, and offers solutions when navigating through life’s tough situations.

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