Lucas County Land Bank accepts donation of former St. Anthony’s church from Catholic Diocese of Toledo

Posted Jun 27th, 2018 by Joshua Murnen  Category: Other


The Lucas County Land Bank has agreed to accept the donation of the former St. Anthony’s church from the Catholic Diocese of Toledo. After entering into a donation agreement, the Land Bank expects to acquire the former church in the coming weeks.

“The report on the condition of the steeple isn’t necessarily a surprise,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “We knew preserving this iconic and historic structure would be difficult, but most things in life worth doing are difficult. This is certainly worth doing.”

The former church at 1416 Nebraska Avenue was built in 1890. It has served as an anchor for the residents of the surrounding neighborhood for many decades. This donation agreement will give neighborhood residents and community stakeholders a chance to preserve this historic landmark for future generations.

“The Lucas County Land Bank Board looks forward to engaging stakeholders, neighborhood activists, and community leaders to ensure this historic property is preserved for the surrounding community,” said Lucas County Treasurer Lindsay Webb. “In order to be successful this will have to be a community-wide effort, and we are excited to bring everyone together for a better future for the former St. Anthony’s church.”

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