Local Cockatoo gains national attention in commercial!

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SYLVANIA, Ohio — The Animal Behavior Center is proud to announce that their mascot, Rocky “Valentine”, a Moluccan cockatoo was chosen to star in national commercials for Stanley Steemer that are being broadcast now.

Due to the amazing, amusing and fun demeanor Rocky has, Stanley Steemer’s Creative Director, Jim McCabe chose Rocky from various public videos published on The Animal Behavior Center, LLC’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. “We debated whether to use a real parrot or an animatronic parrot. We searched various leads on real parrots but none had the personality or charisma that we were looking for. At the last minute we got a lead on Rocky Valentine and after seeing a couple videos on the Animal Behavior Center’s social media sites; we knew we had come across a star! Rocky was such a superstar on the set and delivered a fantastic performance, take after take. He was treated with the utmost respect on the set and was just fun to work with. I think he had a great time too!” says McCabe. There will be a special episode LIVE of Coffee With The Critters™ with Stanley Steemer and the producer on Sunday, July 7th at 9 AM EST on The Animal Behavior Center’s Facebook page.

The commercials are expected to go viral on social media. These commercials bring national attention to this lovable, charismatic bird that lives right here in Northwest Ohio.

Rocky came to The Animal Behavior Center because of very undesirable behavior issues and was scheduled to be euthanized until Lara Joseph, owner of The Animal Behavior Center, took him under her wing. Lara adopted Rocky when he was eight years old. She could tell the undesired behaviors he was exhibiting, that almost cost him his life, were all learned behaviors. Lara began taking master level classes in Applied Behavior Analysis (the science of behavior) to know how to better change behavior. He is now one of the most social, loving, and enjoyable animals to interact with, hence his name Rocky Valentine.

Rocky’s role in the commercial features him talking, laughing, throwing out his wings, and raising his crest to a funny behavior exhibited by Toby, the dog in both :15 and :30 commercials.

Commercial footage can be found at:

Hardwood – :15 https://youtu.be/vkXy-s7toxo is

Party – :15 https://youtu.be/7KRccaJQ28M

Kitchen – :15 https://youtu.be/lU9072-ZXkQ

Carpet – :15 https://youtu.be/dIfyGne_11s

Party – :30 https://youtu.be/tb9XCDo6tD8

Wedding – :30 https://youtu.be/4hZM4QYY6wE

“Our mission at The Animal Behavior Center is to provide an international education center focused on strengthening the relationship through positive reinforcement and applications in behavior analysis”, says Joseph. “When we know better; we DO better!”

The Animal Behavior Center is celebrating not only Rocky’s new found stardom but is also celebrating the 6th anniversary of The Animal Behavior Center’s existence. In 6 short years, the business has blossomed to a multi-level, on-line, live streaming membership business and has international clients in UK, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Finland, and more.

The Animal Behavior Center’s owner, Lara Joseph does a very popular, weekly, live streamed, hour long online program via Facebook called “Coffee With the Critters™” where she features special guest speakers and also allows followers to interact live online with her and all the critters at the center. Coffee With the Critters™ celebrated 4 successful years last month.

The Animal Behavior Center is an international educational facility dedicated to teaching people how to understand behavior while empowering the animal through her live-streams showing the use of Applied Behavior Analysis and positive reinforcement.

For more information about the center, call 419-360-1234 or visit us on the web at: http://www.theanimalbehaviorcenter.com.

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