Storm the Moon! UFO & Alien Art at Copper Moon

Posted Aug 23rd, 2019 by Suzie Yeager  Category: Arts & Entertainment


The truth is out there…come explore with fused glass create alien art & UFO’s! Area 51? Naahhhh…come storm the Moon instead, you are guaranteed to find alien life form! We will have your “UFO” circles cut out for you and a selection of pre-cut alien heads to choose from. We will have a Lil’ Chips UFO for $45 (clear base, mosaic chips to design with, ages 4 to adult) and a Draw Your Own UFO version for $70 (colored base of your choice, and liquid glass to draw with, ages 10 to adult) – work on one together, or everyone can design their own.

INGREDIENT:fused glass mosaic chips
INSTRUCTION:a few basic design & safety rules, and you will be creating within a few minutes! Abstract fun in whatever pattern or design you want to try…this can be as simple as picking your favorite colors to a more complex pattern Creation time will vary, approx 30-90 minutes per project.

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