Metropolis Grand Opening This Saturday at The Docks

Posted: Monday, April 12, 2010 by: Dustin Rybka | Category: Events

After weeks logged studying other cities night time entertainment,
hundreds of hours of construction, and an ambitious viral marketing
campaign, Metropolis is finally set to open on Saturday April 17th at
The Docks in Toledo Ohio.

Metropolis is designed to be a nightlife experience for upscale
patrons 21 and over with it’s eye on an older, more sophisticated
crowd as well as young professionals. Something that has been lacking
in Toledo and the rest of NW Ohio for a very long time. Metropolis is
designed to be not only a full service nightclub, but a weekly
experience in energy, networking, and culture. Metropolis hopes to
contribute to the new entertainment resurgence that seems to be
happening in Downtown Toledo. A place that the customers can
anticipate going to every weekend. The type of place that other cities
have had and Toledo has lacked. Until now.

The Director of Marketing and Entertainment for Metropolis, Dustin
Rybka is no stranger to local nightlife but after noticing a gap in
entertainment here at home, traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and
Chicago to bring something back from those cities that would make the
project stand out and resonate with NW Ohioans that have wanted more
from our city. Soon after returning was
launched. After thousands of emails and flyers were sent out with
nothing but the mysterious URL, the site (which would eventually
become ) had 10,000 hits within the first 4 days of
launch. All while the construction of the ideas found in other cities
was underway at The Docks.

The space at The Docks which once sat vacant will now open as
Metropolis on April 17th offering NW Ohio and Southeast Michigan the
absolute best in night time entertainment, while making it’s presence
known as the place to be for people who have craved more than the
average for such a long time in Toledo. With heart stopping
renovations to the décor and a light and sound show that will rival
anything currently in Las Vegas, Metropolis hopes to usher in a new
era in entertainment for the city, especially the Downtown Toledo
region. Making it not just something new to do for the weekend, but
something to look forward to, something to talk about right here in
our own city. After all I think anyone would agree that Toledo has
always deserved better.

Metropolis opens Saturday April 17th @8pm and will be open every Saturday after


Dustin Rybka

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