Nurse Anesthesia Conference

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 by: Helene Sheets | Category: Health

Dr. Judy Didion, Ph.D., RN, Dean of the Lourdes University College of Nursing; and Dawn AuBuchon, M.S., CRNA, Director of the Nurse Anesthesia Program; are pleased to announce the second Nurse Anesthesia Conference on Saturday, August 27, 2016. The site of the conference is the Hilton Garden Inn, 6165 Levis Commons Blvd., in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Current Lourdes University Nurse Anesthesia students are participating in the conference planning process.

The conference speakers include:
Clarence Biddle, CRNA, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Research at Virginia Commonwealth University in the departments of anesthesiology, nurse anesthesia and epidemiology.
Jack Stem, CRNA, Senior Peer Advisor for the Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Topics will include biology of addiction and addiction within the anesthesia community.
A representative for Sugammadex, a new reversal agent for non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents which recently received FDA approval within the U.S. will be present to discuss Sugammadex and answer questions.
Lourdes alumni Rob Beyerlein, CRNA and Whitney Ondrus, CRNA

Registration is now open to CRNAs, SRNAs, RNs, and vendors. Registration fees are as follows: $150 for CRNAs; $50 for SRNAs and Faculty; $75 for RNs, and $300 for vendors. To RSVP, visit

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