We Bring Black Swamp Radio to N/W Ohio

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2016 by: Paul Ieson | Category: Arts and Entertainment

Black Swamp Radio: The paranormal, supernatural and the unexplained with the best Indie music, paranormal radio shows & Old Time Radio.

Black Swamp Radio is your one stop for music, games and talk radio. During the weekdays we play the very best in Indie music. Then at night we host our talk shows that have to do with every thing under the sun. However we try to stay away from politics. There is enough of that out there. Our shows start at 7pm and end at midnight.
The Malliard Report, Notes from the Underground and Swamp Gas. Swamp Gas is live every Wednesday night at 10pm. On the weekends we play old time radio all weekend long. We have a great interactive chat room that is used also on Wednesday night to be interactive with our show Swamp Gas. We are based out of Millbury Ohio.

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