Free Health Event to Personalize Health and Weight-Loss Plan

Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 by: Veronica Gonzalez | Category: Events

A new year is here and for many, weight-loss and health is first on the list. Fortunately, presents the opportunity to receive a free consultation from a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer about health, nutrition and exercise. The Health and Wellness Workshop will commence Saturday, January 21, 2017, at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library located on 325 N Michigan St, Toledo, OH 43604 from 11 AM-1 PM in the Searles room. Starting that diet you always said you would is officially coming to you, no excuses. This workshop touches on all subjects: exploring nutritional foods, recommended tips for eating at restaurants, daily meal plans, and an outlined guide for light, moderate to extreme exercises modified for individuals. The nutritionist and personal trainer encourage attendees to speak freely, ask questions in an open forum or one-on-one. This workshop empowers the community to engage in discussions about his or hers health, and changes that are conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. Meeting with a nutritionist and personal trainer can come up costly and time–consuming; this event allows visitors to hit two birds with one stone. With the event being successful in the past, it inspires to continue providing these services nationwide and advocating on health. "These events are educational and informative, it's slowly changing lives," states The invaluable information that is expensed to the public teaches them how health interlaces with happiness and longevity for the rest of their lives. Visit the website to learn more about this resourceful dietary review database. About is a one of the most referenced weight-loss resource sites on the web. Founded in 2008, was designed to provide high quality reviews with countless of publications on weight-loss programs, dietary supplements, enhancement pills and more. The company endorses scholarships for university students, and lives up to its goal, helping consumers stay enlightened with medical research and user experience.

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