YWCA of Northwest Ohio Press Release about Charlottesville

Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017 by: Marla | Category: Community Interest

A Message about Charlottesville from the CEO of the YWCA of Northwest Ohio

In the wake of the tragic events of Charlottesville, on behalf of the YWCA at Northwest Ohio I send my condolences to the family of Heather Heyer and the other Americans who were physically and mentally injured in the senseless racist violence.

The YWCA denounces all forms of racism and have boldly stated our position in our mission to "work toward the elimination of racism" for 125 years. It is with purpose that I use the word "bold." While I believe most Americans were appalled by the pictures of the white nationalists carrying guns and dressed in war-like attire, I was equally taken aback by the boldness these people displayed in showing us their faces. No longer do racists feel the need to hide behind white hoods and robes but to boldly show America their faces! All moral Americans should be disturbed!

But what did we expect when language to ban and build walls became acceptable commentary? When comments to be "less careful" when arresting individuals was uttered at a police officers' forum in Long Island despite the public outcry for attention to police brutality, racial profiling and deaths of people of color. When it's no longer politically incorrect to say racist things- racists act boldly on what they believe to be "correct."

Our Silence co-signs their wrong! Racism that's hidden in policies and practices that oppress communities of color must not be overlooked. All Americans must be bold and stand against racism and all of its evil forms, regardless of who incites it. Racial justice is neither red nor blue but totally nonpartisan.

So regardless of party affiliation, racism cannot be normalized or tolerated. Contact the YWCA of Northwest Ohio for ways to get involved in conversations about race, advocacy and ways to support our mission.

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