OhioDance Virtual Dance Collection Residency at Toledo School or the Arts

Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by: David Saygers | Category: Community Interest

OhioDance, Ohio’s leading professional organization supporting dance activities will be in residence at Toledo School for the Arts this September. The residency focuses on learning about dance developments taking place in the state of Ohio, and within the Toledo Area. During the residency students will work with guest artist, Michael Lang from the Toledo Ballet. The Toledo Ballet, and its founder, Marie Ballenger Vogt, will be an important focus in the presentations by the OhioDance Participants. The attention on Toledo Ballet and founder Marie Ballenger Vogt is particularly meaningful as the organization is one of the longest continually operating dance schools in the state. TSA students will learn about the Toledo Ballet and work with the Ballet’s resident choreographer and teacher Michael Lang, whose work is seen each spring as choreographer and director of the Toledo Ballet’s spring productions. During the residency, students will participate in dance activities as well as research and video projects focused on capturing the oral history surrounding local dance, including that of the Toledo Ballet. Students will learn video editing, interview recording and documenting performances. The result will be a finished dance history project. In creating this project, OhioDance has included the Ohio Department of Education Fine Arts Standards for Dance and Education. By doing so and by coordinating with the classroom teacher, Kerri Wilde, they ensure that learning strategies align and allow students to expand their knowledge of dance history. The Columbus-based OhioDance offers a web-based Virtual Dance Collection, featuring important dance programs and companies from across the state. The development of the site is ongoing, and the activities from the TSA residency will become part of the Collection. Virtual Dance Collection Team: Oral Historian and Writer of Student Activity Guide - Dr. Candace Feck is Professor Emerita at OSU, where she taught for over 25 years in the Dept. of Dance. Her writing appears in books, journals, lectures and DVDs. Dr. Feck has developed lesson plans for the website http://acceleratedmotion.org/. She has a great deal of experience developing student activity guides. Virtual Dance History Collection Coordinator, Media Manager and workshop presenter- Jessica Cavender received a Master of Fine Arts, Dance and Technology, from OSU. She has been with the project since August 2016 and has edited all film and assisted with the design of the website. Dance Education Consultant – Marlene Leber has been teaching, choreographing, and performing in the greater Cleveland area for over thirty years. She co-directed the dance program for 19 years at Hathaway Brown School and she served on the writing team for dance content standards for the state of Ohio. Marlene holds a BFA in dance from Lake Erie College. She will serve as consultant and will review the student activity guide and ensure proper use of standards for a variety of grade levels. Virtual Dance Collection Project Director - Jane D’Angelo, has served as the OhioDance Executive Director since 2003. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University and a CSS in Administration and Management from Harvard University. She has an extensive background in dance, both performing and teaching dance to all ages. You can learn more about the Virtual Dance Collection by visiting the website vdc.ohiodance.org For more information about the OhioDance Virtual Collection contact Jane D’Angelo jane@ohiodance.org or 614-224-2913

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