Plan Presented To Move Forward With Energy-Saving LED Lights

Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018 by: Ignazio Messina | Category: Community Interest

The Kapszukiewicz administration on Tuesday presented Toledo City Council with a plan to move forward with converting streetlights citywide into energy-saving LED lights. “We are beginning the process of changing streetlights to LED and we are working with Toledo Edison on this project,” Toledo Public Services Director Paul Rasmusson said. An ordinance before council requests authorization to reappropriate $48,000 in the special assessment fund for a professional services agreement for the development of the initial phase of an implementation plan for the conversion of city streetlights to LED technology, and an analysis of the cost-benefit of investing in “smart technologies” associated with lighting upgrades. Toledo City Council’s Streets, Public Services, and Utilities Committee will review the request. In 2017, Toledo City Council approved three pilot programs for energy-saving LED street lighting – in a portion of the Old South End; on Garden Estates Drive from Sylvania Avenue to Rose Garden Drive, and on Bancroft Street, between Maplewood Avenue and Collingwood Boulevard. Mr. Rasmusson said there has been a measurable decline in crime in the portion of the Old South End that now has LED lights. “I want to thank the Farm Labor Organizing Committee Homies Union, a youth leadership program, for pushing the idea of LED lights in the Old South End neighborhood, which led to a pilot program there last year,” Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said. “Successful cities invest in smart, energy-saving technology like LED lights that will, in the long run, be a great cost-saving. We are moving forward with a plan that will help us convert older, inefficient streetlights with modern, energy-efficient LED lights.”

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