Toledo Museum of Art purchases property from Glenwood Lutheran Church

Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 by: Mike Brice | Category: General News

TOLEDO, Ohio – The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) has purchased 5 parcels from the Glenwood Lutheran Church. The land, which now serves as part of the church’s rear parking lot, will allow greater access to the planned art support building, one of the enabling projects identified as part of the Museum’s Master Plan. The agreement allows for church members to use the TMA parking lot during events with peak attendance such as weddings, funerals, and other special services. "We're entering a new chapter of connecting to the neighbors right around us so the parking lot in front of the church will be sufficient for many of our events," explained Reverend Chris Hanley, Pastor of Glenwood Lutheran Church. "This opportunity will allow us to spend our resources caring for our community as opposed to maintaining an underutilized parking lot." The Master Plan calls for a new building to the west of the Museum that will house the art handling function currently done in the main building. Art handling includes conservation, carpentry, painting, framing—activities that deal with the movement, storage, and maintenance of works of art. “While we are still in the planning and design stages of the art support building, this acquisition will provide more options for both building design and access,” said John Stanley, TMA’s interim director and director of special projects. “We are pleased that both the Museum and Glenwood Church will benefit from this agreement.”

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