John Eagan Announces New Single Release & Recent Album

Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2019 by: John Eagan | Category: Arts and Entertainment

Toledo multi-instrumentalist and composer has a new single-track release available as a digital download on, at:

The new single is a song, Through The Valley, an unusual exception from the norm of doing instrumental music that evades easy simple categorization by simple genre labels.

Quoting from the page for Through The Valley:

"Some years ago, I made a basic musical decision. I was not doing songs anymore.

For me, personally, I had reached a point where I realized that the song form was not where I wanted to dwell. I made a decision to work in instrumental music, freeing me up in many ways. Among other considerations, I was particularly focused on the very basic idea of music that was universal in the sense that everything about the music was accessible to anyone who could hear it and listened, apart from understanding of a particular spoken language.

Something happened that I was not expecting. I was sitting late one night, listening to an assortment of old tracks. This included some things that were finished, essentially, but so far have not found a destination, and also included partially completed work that had been left stored away. One of them was something I always liked, in its partial form, but had never finished.

I was struck by a growing sense, as I listened, that this was something that needed to finally be complete, whole, and out in the world. There was another element that was apparent. This was a song. There were no words and vocal parts, but those needed to take shape, for this to be complete, whole, what it was supposed to be. It was time to get to work.

Now, finally, here it is, on its own, as a single track.

It has been a long road.

Which, ironically, is essentially what this is about."

released July 10, 2019
John Eagan- guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, voices, noises and devices

This new song single joins the album Cinema, which was released in Autumn 2018, and the older album Distant Cities, originally released in Spring 2002 as a CD, and then re-released simultaneously with the release of Cinema in Autumn 2018.

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