Thera-Med Introduces “Reclaim Your Brain” Recovery Service

Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2019 by: Dr. James Buldas | Category: Community Interest

Summary: Thera-Med introduces their original addiction recovery program known as “Reclaim Your Brain”, authored by Dr. Nancy Sturtz and Dr. Sue Gross.

Thera-Med has introduced their original addiction recovery program known as “Reclaim Your Brain”. Authored by Functional Medicine physicians Dr. Nancy Sturtz and Dr. Sue Gross. Reclaim Your Brain is a program designed to meet the challenges that people face in maintaining long-term recovery and management of pain and addiction.

Both Dr. Nancy Sturtz and Dr. Sue Gross are Board Certified Internal Medicine Physicians with additional certification in Functional Medicine. Through extensive years of study and working together with addiction patients, they have developed a deeper understanding of the benefits of knowing “why” an illness or behavior occurs and how it can empower patients to take steps to heal. By working with the latest research materials and the chemistry of the body and mind, their courses have helped many identify the reasons for their addiction cycles in order to break their enslavement to addiction.

The exclusive program teaches patients how to improve lifestyle factors such as nutrition, deal with challenges such as trauma and also manage stress and pain. It also aims to improve sleep quality which can help to reverse the damage caused by long-term pain and addiction. Reclaim Your Brain focuses on fundamentals to assist patients in rebuilding their physical and psychological health. The program is focused on individual needs by offering one-to-one support, counseling, and instruction to patients in order to meet their needs.

Thera-Med is a team of practitioners that are dedicated to stemming the rise of unhealed pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction. The team consists of a network of Medical Doctors, Clinical Psychologists, Life Coaches, Marriage, Family and Chemical Dependency Counselors. The focus is to not just heal underlying issues, but also to educate patients on how to cope with their addictive behaviors and overcome the challenges of combating addiction. Their specialty is in personalized treatment plans that offer measurable and coordinated steps for long-term success.

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