Tips to Helping Your Child Take Care of Their Glasses

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2019 by: Anna Olson | Category: Health

While some kids love the idea of having glasses, others may need a little bit more convincing. Whether they are a bit too young to understand, self-conscious, concerned about what their friends may say, or just don't like the idea of them, getting your child to wear and take care of their eyeglasses continuously can be a daunting challenge.

Here are a few tips to help your child wear and take of their glasses:

Get them involved
Your child may be more willing to wear their glasses if they like them. When looking for the perfect pair, let your child help pick out the glasses color, design, and shape. The same goes for the glasses storage case - let them choose one they like best. There are a lot fewer options here, but they may be able to select their favorite color or their favorite cartoon character or superhero. The more your child is involved, the more confident they will be in wearing their glasses of choice.

Choose the right materials
Even though you may let your child choose the color, design, and shape, you still need to decide on the type of material the eyeglasses are made from. Kids can be rough on eyeglasses. Luckily, eyeglass manufacturers design with sturdiness in mind. When choosing the right glasses, ask your optician about which materials fit your child's lifestyle. Materials can range from a specialized pair of sports frames, metal or plastics, unique straps and loops for security, or special polycarbonate lenses for added durability. Your optician can help walk you through all the critical features and recommend which material may be best for your child.

Make sure they fit properly
Nothing is worse than a pair of glasses that do not fit right. Ask your child how they feel - are they too big or too tight? Do they look loose or appear to be sliding down the child's nose? If something doesn't look right, bring them back to your optician for an additional fitting and adjustment at any time.

Teach proper care right away
Don't let your child assume these glasses are a new toy they can play with. Make sure to teach them the appropriate care right away, including to remove them with both hands. This will help reduce the amount of dirt and fingerprints on the glasses. Also make sure to follow the proper cleaning tips including thoroughly washing their hands, rinsing their lenses with warm water, applying special lens cleaner and drying them with a clean lint-free cloth.

Make glasses fun
Getting glasses should be a fun experience for your child. What's better than being able to see clearly? Make the entire experience from picking out the right pair to making sure they fit properly and taking care of the glasses fun! You can even try to implement a little game that allows them to win small rewards if they take care of their glasses for an entire week. Soon, these actions will turn into a habit.

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