Toledo Joins the Global Climate Strike

Posted: Monday, November 25, 2019 by: Jennifer Day | Category: Community Interest

Contact: Jennifer Day
Toledo Joins the Global Climate Strike Again
For the second time this year, Toledo Area Residents gathered to share their stories of why they are participating in the Global Climate Strike on Friday, November, 29. Each person held up a sign that says “I #ClimateStrike because” to show why it is important for us all to mobilize and transition from the fossil fuel age to renewable energy. Children were helping adults make posters, and a new goal was stated: “The Toledo Area has an opportunity to be an international leader by placing Climate Change Updates next to weather updates EVERY DAY.” The public must be informed of how climate change will shape our children’s future and daily updates inform our community of the seriousness of the climate collapsing around us.
WHAT: Toledo Joins the Global Climate Strike Again
WHEN: Friday, November 29, 11am-12pm (EST)
WHERE: Levis Square, 285 N St Clair St, Toledo, OH 43604
WHO: Youth, parents, caregivers, and adults who are concerned about their own or their children’s future, and want to stand up for climate justice
WHY: We are striking because we:
1. We want to support the youth. Many of us have children whose future will be bleak if climate change continues to destroy planet earth.
2. We want to end the age of fossil fuels
3. We see an opportunity for the Toledo Area to be an international leader and we are asking all our local media outlets to be the first in the nation to have a Climate Change Update EVERY DAY next to the weather report.
4. We hope that local leaders and world leaders listen and make these changes, this strike is a step towards the transition to renewable energy.

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