International Growth Prompts SkyLIFE Move to Downtown

Posted: Friday, January 17, 2020 by: Erica potter | Category: Arts and Entertainment

International Growth Prompts SkyLIFE Global to Move to Downtown Toledo

Toledo, OH, Release: Jan 17, 2020. For immediate release

SkyLIFE Global, a pioneer in airdrop technology for humanitarian aid, has chosen to locate its global headquarters in the PNC Bank Building in downtown Toledo, Ohio. Previously, SkyLIFE operated out of multiple facilities within the state, the consolidation is part of SkyLIFE’s 5-year plan to expand international operations.

“This is an exciting time for SkyLIFE, our employees and our customers,” said Jeffrey Potter, CEO. “SkyLIFE’s consolidation allows our multidisciplinary teams to work more efficiently to provide customized solutions for complex disaster relief problems around the globe.” SkyLIFE’s world-class engineering team is dedicated to modernizing humanitarian aid tools to provide comfort and ease suffering in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. “Each disaster has unique issues to be addressed, sometimes it’s cultural other times it’s geographic, but time is critical in finding solutions.”

SkyLIFE is the top exporter to South Sudan and among the top exporters to East Africa from Ohio. “Toledo is the perfect location for us with easy access to international transportation including port and air infrastructure,” said Potter. “Moreover, the Regional Growth Partnership of Northwest Ohio has been a valuable resource for SkyLIFE’s expansion into foreign markets.”

In addition to SkyLIFE’s HQ in Toledo, Ohio, the company maintains operating facilities in Ethiopia and South Sudan.

About SkyLIFE Global

SkyLIFE is a world leader in airdrop technology for humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Based in Toledo, Ohio, SkyLIFE serves government and non-government organizations respond to large-scale disasters with airdrop solutions. SkyLIFE develops proprietary airdrop systems which can deliver and disperse life-saving aid directly from aircraft, without requiring on-the-ground personnel. The SkyLIFE team has provided humanitarian aid and disaster relief solutions for The United Nations World Food Programme, The United States Military and the Government of Kenya.

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