SkyLIFE To Demonstrate SkyPACKSTM Technology At Cobra Gold 2020

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February 18, 2020

SkyLIFE To Demonstrate SkyPACKSTM Technology At Cobra Gold 2020


 Toledo, Ohio - SkyLIFE, a pioneer in airdrop technology for humanitarian aid and disaster relief, announced its SkyPACKTM will be featured at Cobra Gold 2020 in Thailand.  Co-hosted by the Royal Thai and U.S. Armed Forces, Cobra Gold represents the world’s largest joint military exercise.  An objective of this year’s exercise, commencing this month, is to strengthen humanitarian missions in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

SkyLIFE will demonstrate its SkyPACKTM airdrop technology by dispersing 5,000 SkyPACK™, via drones and helicopters, in simulated flood, earthquake and fire disaster responses.  SkyPACKTM are designed to deliver/distribute aid aerially in the immediate aftermath of disaster, bypassing obstacles to aid delivery such as damaged airports, ports and roads or hostile ground conditions.

 Each SkyPACK™ carries up to 10oz of aid, including water, food and medicine. SkyPACKTM deliver individual-serving portions of aid until transportation infrastructure is usable.  A single large fixed-wing plane can drop over 200,000 SkyPACKTM in one flyover.  SkyPACKTM can be discharged from virtually any altitude or aircraft.  After discharge, SkyPACKTM individually drift to the ground in a predetermined scatter pattern directly to disaster victims.  The technology allows delivery of aid without utilizing ground infrastructure or personnel.  

 “SkyLIFE was formed to provide the Humanitarian Aid community ways to quickly reach - often within critical hours - disaster victims that traditional disaster response can not,”  states Jeffrey Potter, CEO, SkyLIFE Global, “SkyPACKTM compliment other forms of aid delivery, it is the new standard of care in disaster response.”  

 About SkyLIFE Global

SkyLIFE is a world leader in airdrop technology for humanitarian aid delivery.  Founded after the 2010 Haitian earthquake that devastated the island nation, SkyLIFE’s mission is to develop modern and environment-friendly solutions to quickly reach disaster impacted populations.  SkyLIFE provides humanitarian aid solutions to United Nations World Food Programme, the United States military and other international organizations.

 About Cobra Gold

Cobra Gold is a Combined Joint Task Force and Joint Theater Security Cooperation exercise annually conducted in Thailand.  This year is the 39th iteration, scheduled to run from February 25 through March 6.  The United States will participate with 6,000 total troops, 64 aircrafts and 2 warships.  27 other countries will participate


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