Volunteers Introduce Toledo Tip Jar To Support Regional Service Workers

Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 by: Gene Powell | Category: Community Interest

Toledo Tip Jar

In an effort to help the regional community during the COVID-19 crisis, a group of volunteers has created an online platform to help those who rely on tips as a significant portion of their income. Toledo Tip Jar, led by Spoke Design — a Toledo-based branding, design and web agency — allows anyone to send money to area restaurants’ staff through their online payment service of choice.

 After becoming aware of Cleveland Tip Jar, also created by volunteers, Spoke decided Toledo needed a similar effort. Modeled after their fellow Ohio city’s website, toledotipjar.com was launched.

 “We decided that since we enjoy our bars, restaurants, and other service businesses so much and so often (when we're not distancing physically), that we should support the people who take such good care of us. We know so many restaurant and bar owners — and service workers, and it's time we show our appreciation for them during this crisis,” says Gene Powell, President and Chief Creative Officer of Spoke.

 Once a worker completes a short form on the website, a post is made linking to their preferred payment method(s), such as Venmo. The site is open for the public to search their favorite establishment and locate a specific person, or to tip a randomly-selected service worker. 

There is no fee to register; the system puts money directly in the digital pockets of people. If service staff who have been repurposed for kitchen duty or deliveries suddenly find themselves furloughed, they can also take advantage of the service.

The group is partnering with individuals, and organizations such as ToledoEats, Smashing Toledo, and Restaurant Week Toledo in a grassroots effort to promote the service.

 Suburban Bottle owner Kelli Powell, who temporarily closed her Downtown Perrysburg wine shop to the public due to state regulations, said she is volunteering for Toledo Tip Jar in order to support those who have found themselves without a paycheck. “I look forward to what this platform could do for the future of tip- and cash-dependent workers, and look forward to being reunited with the people and places that make this city our home,” she says.

For more information about Toledo Tip Jar, visit toledotipjar.com or email info@spokehq.com.

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