Earthwork Music Relaunches: New Artists The Antivillains Join the Collective

Posted: Friday, May 15, 2020 by: sarah cohen | Category: Arts and Entertainment

 Sharing the news, Earthwork Music is a collective based in Northern Michigan, working with regional musicians, poets, nonprofits and social justice organizations in the Great Lakes Region. 

Along with seven other groups, Toledo’s The Antivillains are now a contributing member of the Earthwork Music Collective. Other new artists: Jordan Hamilton (Kalamazoo) , Rachele Eve (Detroit), Audra Kubat

In addition to bringing on new talent, Earthwork is undergoing a total relaunch of the brand, site and bringing live musical performances and workshops. 

Official press release attached and copied below. Art included. 

Another mention: The Antivillains have a new release “Anthems” available now and streaming.  I will send over a copy soon.

Listen Now 

Contact myself of Seth Bernard for more info on future programming. 

Sarah Cohen 
The AntiVillains


For immediate release: May 15th, 2020. Michigan.
Earthwork Music Collective relaunches on May 22nd with new artists, mission, website.
Musicians play a vital role in creating the conditions in society that make a better future possible. "Joining the Earthwork Music Collective is like coming home for me." says Audra Kubat, a Detroit based songwriter, educator, activist and one of the newest members of the Earthwork Music Collective. "This is a formula for sustainability and is a model for how I want to be an artist, and moreover human."
Since 2001, Earthwork Music has been cultivating a community of musicians who focus their collective efforts on community healing in Michigan and beyond. Functioning  as both a small label and a charitable organization, Earthwork Music supports the releases of independent music and partners with nonprofits and communities to do both local and global projects focused on social justice, the environment and youth empowerment. After an 18 month immersion in overhauling the organization, the Earthwork Music Collective is emerging from the chrysalis with renewed strength, clarity of purpose and an even deeper commitment to creating a culture of healing. "I can’t wait to see how working with this team will invite new opportunities to think creatively, work boldly, and build compassion in myself and others" says Kubat.
To celebrate the relaunch, Earthwork Music will be hosting online concerts and workshops featuring many of the collective's artists between May 22nd and June 5th.
Mission: To encourage community healing through collective musicianship
Vision: A culture of creators practicing integrity

Values: Collaborative, Creative, Inclusive, Restorative

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