HEAVY Beer Company Thirsts For Adventure - Toledo Brewery To Provide Amazing Experiences Alongside Great Beer

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HEAVY Beer Company Thirsts For Adventure
Toledo Brewery To Provide Amazing Experiences Alongside Great Beer
Toledo, OH— 11/17/2020 —The newest brewery in Toledo, Ohio, HEAVY Beer Company, is setting out to not only brew high quality beer, but also create unique outings and outdoor adventures. The beer venture, co-founded by craft distillery Toledo Spirits Company, recently released a Kickstarter campaign highlighting their desire to provide great tasting beer, as well as memorable experiences showcasing some of the area’s most beautiful outdoor spaces.

“My aim is to make beers that inspire the best in all of us and dream of the next adventure,” said Dave Ayling, co-founder and head brewer.“ My favorite moments have always been adventures, and celebrating the journey’s end with a beer. Excellent beer paints a picture in your mind of something wonderful; a place you long to visit, or a feeling you want to embody.”

HEAVY Beer Company’s Kickstarter includes opportunities to enjoy all facets of the HEAVY experience. Contributors can choose to take part in multiple outdoor adventures involving biking, kayaking, night hiking, and camping in some of the area’s best natural spaces. The main objectives of the Kickstarter campaign are to raise funds to accelerate the opening of HEAVY Underground, a taproom located below Bellwether at Toledo Spirits, as well as providing an opportunity for HEAVY to introduce their mission to the community, which extends well beyond brewing great beer.

“I believe we can empower each other and our communities to live better, more fulfilling lives,” said Andrew Newby, CEO and co-founder of Toledo Spirits Company and HEAVY Beer Company. “With HEAVY, we will create spaces and opportunities for personal enrichment, and epic adventures to do just that.”

Get HEAVY into it.
HEAVY’s values are simple to describe: big. Big on passion. Big on ingredients. Big on honesty. Big on whatever gets your blood pumping. HEAVY uses those values to embrace novel approaches, build welcoming venues, share our love of our parks and waterways, and embolden the epic attitude that all things are possible. We design and renovate our spaces into havens for lovers of beer, food, adventure, and fun. We look to be known far and wide for our great beer, service to our community, and engaging destinations that inspires our customers to break the mold. Connect with HEAVY at http://www.heavy.beer on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

For more information on Heavy Beer Co.:
https://www.kickstarter.com (Heavy Beer Co.)

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